Quality Smash Repairs to Get Your Car Back to Its Original Condition


Insurance Assistance

Swaggy's Panel Shop's experienced team can help you get your vehicle back on the road after an accident, with reasonable quotes and assistance filing an insurance claim with all the major providers.

A particular specialty of our workshop is third party recovery, where we can provide assistance to you in not-at-fault incidents. Don't be bound to the other driver's insurance cover; have our team of experienced repairers prepare a quote for your vehicle's damage, and handle negotiations with the insurer. We'll also source quality replacement parts ourselves, rather than rely on supplies from the insurance agency. We can arrange a free hire car so that you are not inconvenienced while we repair your vehicle.

If you've been in an accident, give us a call.


Chassis Alignment

After an accident, your vehicle may have sustained damage to its chassis, warping the very shape of your vehicle beyond the point of drivability.

We're able to use top of the line chassis measurement equipment to compare your vehicle's shape to that of its original manufacturer's specifications, giving us a clear idea of just how much your vehicle's chassis is maligned. From there we can use precision equipment to pull your vehicle back into shape, making it safe to drive once more.

If you've been in a serious accident recently and your vehicle feels off, contact us today for an inspection.


Panel Repairs

Whether the panel damage to your vehicle simply spoils the look of the car, or is extensive enough to make driving a hazard, we can get your vehicle back into shape.

Our team of experienced panel beaters and tradespeople use precision equipment to get your vehicle's outer shell back into seamless shape, and are able to conduct welding with metals of a variety of alloys. Your car will leave our workshop looking just like it did before the accident.

Contact us today if your vehicle's in need of some panel work.

automotive paints

Colour Matching

If you've got a minor paint job for your vehicle, our sophisticated paint matching software and range of quality environmentally friendly paints from providers Protec, Spies Hecker and Debeer can help us create a perfect blend of paint to perfectly match your vehicle's existing colour.

If you'd like to know more about our spray painting services, contact us today.


Spray Painting

Our workshop is fitted out with a Seetal single bay spray booth and bake oven, allowing us to handle most sizes of spray painting project. 

Whether you want individual panels spray painted or a whole vehicle, we can do the job with our range of Protec, Spies Hecker and Debeer paints, ensuring that your new paint job meets strict Australian road standards.

If your vehicle is in need of a new coat of paint, contact us today.


Mechanical Repairs

As part of our smash repairs we can also outsource rudimentary mechanical repairs on your vehicle, to offer a true one-stop-repairs experience to customers. We can organise:

  • tyre fitting and wheel alignment
  • radiator and cooling systems
  • steering and suspension
  • windscreen replacement

Contact us after an accident for a complete auto repair service.